‘Premium brands require premium attitudes’. This was nowhere more evident than at BMW Motorline, where the claim of premium service was displayed without exception.

GABA members visited one of the very few premium car dealerships where all sales and service is under one roof, for example diagnostic technology service facilities, body works and of course sales not only for the complete BMW car fleet available in Australia but also BMW bikes, the Mini brand and now Germany’s Opel cars.

Surrounded by very bright showrooms, a cafeteria and above all a very friendly and superbly efficient team, we felt at home rather than at a car dealership. GABA members were treated to a special tour of the facilities and were given an inside view into the workings of an enterprise of this nature.

Congratulations to Craig Rose and his team for establishing such an outstanding facility. Thank you for sharing your operational aspects and your vision with us. You certainly increased your community of fans and admirers on the evening.

GABA would like to thank BMW Motorline for their generous hospitality, displaying their state of the art facilities combined with successful people management.