This GABA Business Breakfast Function was a joint event with German Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Commerce and Industry QLD and GABA.

Any company intending on taking a leadership role in their industry requires a new breed of leader with a unique combination of skills in communicating, coaching, inspiring and motivating, as well as skills in business management, negotiation, and strategy.

This new generation of leaders must surely have a different approach towards people in order to be successful in today’s significantly changed environment.

One recent example of leadership is Telstra’s management re-adjustment strategy to counter the difficult times in the telecommunication industry.

German subsidiary companies in Australia are not immune from leadership issues, or from finding new solutions for business success. An overview of the situation with the German companies in Australia will be provided.

Guest Speakers:

Anton Jones, Telstra Country Wide Area General Manager and

Tina Vissem Members & Events Manager AHK